In the series ‘Where Data Professionals Work’ we discuss the findings of the market research Broadwick conducts with concern to the labor market of data professionals in the Netherlands. We publish these findings as we believe these to be informative to data professionals and data-driven organizations alike. To this end, we primarily use public data provided by LinkedIn and its users. Although we try to be as accurate as possible, please do feel free to contact us at if you are of the opinion that any findings are (partially) incorrect or if you would like to request more information.


In earlier editions of WDPW (‘Where Data Professionals Work’), we looked at the largest employers of data professionals in general and data engineers in particular, as well as those that employ data scientists and apply data science to their internal processes. A considerable portion of data scientists, however, also work at consultancy firms. Making good on our promise, we cover these consultancy firms in this special edition of WDPW. Firstly, Table 1 below provides a general overview of the consultancy firms employing the most data scientists. Subsequently, Table 2 and Table 3 then distinguish between diversified and niche consultancy firms


Taking the number one spot in this top 10, Capgemini is a diversified IT consultancy firm that we have also seen in previous editions of WDPW. Interestingly, the difference between the Data Scientist Intensity (the number of data scientists employed by an organization divided by their total workforce) is quite large between Capgemini and runner-up Xomnia, a niche consultancy firm. On average, the Data Scientist Intensity of these 10 organizations is approximately 13.5%. In terms of employee growth, the same 10 organizations have grown by almost 30% on average. In combination, these consultancy firms employ about 270 data scientists.

Table 1 – Top 10 employers of data scientists in the Netherlands (consultancy firms only)

RankOrganizationData Scientist Intensity
7EY VODW22.5%
9Building Blocks40.0%

As mentioned earlier, Table 2 revises the ranking process by limiting the inclusion criteria to diversified consultancy firms. The consultancy firms that belong to this category carry out activities that include those related to the analytics value chain, but also offer general IT-related services or processes related to digital marketing. This may also be gauged from the Data Scientist Intensity, which drops from the 13.5% of Table 1 to below 5% in Table 2 (or below 3% if we exclude EY VODW). In addition, these 10 consultancy firms jointly employ slightly more than 230 data scientists (or 23 on average).

Table 2 – Top 10 employers of data scientists in the Netherlands (diversified consultancy firms)

RankOrganizationData Scientist Intensity
6EY VODW22.5%
10Tata Consultancy Services0.4%

Lastly, Table 3 provides an overview of the largest ‘pure players’ in the domain of data science consultancy. These pure players are niche consultancy firms that exclusively focus on the analytics value chain. (Although in practice this distinction is not always as black and white, as this may also necessitate IT-related processes.) As shown above, Amsterdam-based Xomnia is the largest employer of data scientists within this category. In addition, the average Data Scientist Intensity and employee growth over the past 24 months are approximately 37% and 47%, respectively. Furthermore, these 10 consultancy firms combined employ more than 170 data scientists.

Table 3 – Top 10 employers of data scientists in the Netherlands (niche consultancy firms)

RankOrganizationData Scientist Intensity
2Building Blocks40.0%
4Data Science Lab60.7%
8Bright Cape28.0%
10Vantage AI65.0%


Previously, we noted that just 10 organizations employ well over 10% of the 7,500 data scientists currently active in the Netherlands. In this case, the 20 consultancy firms of Table 2 and Table 3 employ about 5% of the total pool of data scientists – pointing to a more fragmented market of organizations that apply data science for client purposes than those that apply analytics as a means to advance their own objectives. If you wonder whether consultancy would fit your next career move, please do feel free to have a chat with us. Thanks for reading and until next time!

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