In the series ‘Where Data Professionals Work’ we discuss the findings of the market research Broadwick conducts with concern to the labor market of data professionals in the Netherlands. We publish these findings as we believe these to be informative to data professionals and data-driven organizations alike. To this end, we primarily use public data provided by LinkedIn and its users. Although we try to be as accurate as possible, please do feel free to contact us at if you are of the opinion that any findings are (partially) incorrect or if you would like to request more information.


In earlier editions of ‘Where Data Professionals Work’ we looked at the largest employers of data professionals in general and data engineers in particular. This third part covers data scientists specifically. Currently, there are about 7,500 data scientists active in the Netherlands that apply analytics, modeling techniques and quantitative analysis to gain new insights and actionable recommendations from data. Although many of these data scientists are employed by consultancy firms, we will cover such agencies in a next part of ‘Where Data Professionals Work’. For now, however, we are limiting to scope that apply data science to their internal processes.


Firstly, Table 1 below displays a top 10 of the largest employers of scientists in the Netherlands. The average Data Scientist Intensity (the percentage of employees that carry out the role of data scientist within their respective organizations) comes in at an estimated 0.8%. As we discussed before, however, the correlation between organizational size in terms of employees and the number of data scientists exceeds 0.5. Hence, Table 2 below revises this ranking process based on the relative figures (as measured by the Data Scientist Intensity). To facilitate a fair comparison, we limit the sample to large organizations (250+ employees).

Table 1 – Top 10 employers of data scientists in the Netherlands (absolute figures, excluding consultancy firms)

RankOrganizationData Scientist Intensity
7Ahold Delhaize0.2%

This revisal of the ranking process paints quite a different picture. still takes the number one spot, although the three large banks have been substituted by eBay, the Netherlands Forensic Institute, and online payment processor Adyen. Additionally, VGZ has climbed from the eight to the fifth position, with the second half of the top 10 consisting of new names, such as Statistics Netherlands (CBS) and TomTom. The average Data Scientist Intensity has also more than doubled, climbing from 0.8% to slightly under 2%. Lastly, we will take a look at the fastest-growing employers of data scientists in Table 3.

Table 2 – Top 10 employers of data scientists in the Netherlands (relative figures, 250+ employees)

RankOrganizationData Scientist Intensity
3Netherlands Forensic Institute2.1%
6Statistics Netherlands1.8%
8Port of Rotterdam1.4%

To measure the pace of growth, we use the 24 month employee growth based on LinkedIn data. Please take into account that this data is only available for organizations that 30 or more employees, although including micro-sized firms might also have distorted the results. Based on this metric, the average growth of these organizations has exceeded 65% over the past 2 years. Prosus Group only has grown its workforce by more than 500% in this time frame. In addition, the average Data Scientist Intensity is 7.2% (although the intra-group differences are also significantly higher than in the previous top 10s).

Table 3 – Top 10 fastest-growing employers of data scientists in the Netherlands (24M employee growth, 30+ employees)

RankOrganizationData Scientist Intensity
1Prosus Group5.5%
3My Jewellery0.5%
8Charly Cares0.2%
10StuDocu | StudeerSnel.nl5.4%


In line with our previous findings concerning the skewed distribution of data professionals in general, the organizations listed in Table 1 jointly employ about 10% of all the data scientists that are currently employed in the Netherlands. For data scientists that enjoy working with other data scientists or like to work in fast-paced environments, Table 2 and Table 3 might also prove informative. If you are a data scientist looking for your next career opportunity, please do feel free to reach out to us via the Contact page to further discuss your preferences. Thanks for reading and until next time!

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